Welcome to the Cabbage Patch! A NICU Nurse Journal

It's not as bad as you'd think, taking care of sick babies. I laugh more than I cry. I get angry more than sad. It's the hardest thing I'll ever do. I never want to stop. I'll post all my stories here. Good, bad,ugly. All names and other identifying factors will be changed.

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How long have I been a NICU nurse? It feels like forever if you count me caring for my own premature daughter. I was an adult nurse in a previous life, but this is nothing like that.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Long weekend.

I'm such a glutton. I pulled a double yesterday. If I am connected to a patient or have worked on them a lot all day I hate to leave them sometimes. I'm afraid all my hard work'll be undone in the wrong hands, so I'd rather stay all day!
I'm really gettting tired of seeing the freaking crack head mothers droppping 6- 10 babies that end up in foster care. I would have no problem forcing sterilization on women like that. What kind of life is this child going to have? He'll have some disabilities and have no parents! Sick. Sick idiot women. I wish I could work at a nice suburban hosital with all the IVF preemies instead of the no pre natal crack fetal alcohol low birthweight preemies!
Cute fat term baby went home.25 weeker hopefully went home today. He looked so cute in the clothes I put on him, I was kissing all over him.His sisters were fighting over who could hold him and I told them they could each hold him for 15 minutes at a time.LOL!
An anacephalic kid we were sending home for hospice was discharged and as the nurse was taking the baby to the parents car, the baby died in the elevator. Everyone was freaking out because the baby was discharged and they came back up and re addmitted her an had to do all the post mortum stuff. So sad. Such bad timing. I felt so bad for the parents. They really loved her so much and they couldn't have those last few moments with her in peace.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Home stretch

I can't believe this 25 weeker is going home soon. He looked like hell the first couple of weeks. I questioned if he was really 25 weeks at all he looked so bad. Now here it is, 3 months later and he just needs to get his BP together. Not even a year old and on BP meds like an old person!
I hope his parents are up for the challenge, being challenged themselves.
I keep waiting for this other kid to pull out his ET tube. That would be my luck, but that's sometimes a way they tell us, "I'm ready to come off now".
I hate C PAP. Dumb-dumbs here put it on too tight and it must really hurt. Most kids try and pull it off and I can't blame them. I'd rather have an intubated kid than the torturous CPAP. At least it's not like the old days where it would errode their septum.
Kid with the funky belly button, looks like he's going home. Such a cutie today. I wanted to kiss all over him! And the one that was walking toward God the other day, they don't know what's up with him. He's a little better. He's to old to be pulling that crap!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

You can't leave it at the hospital.

I've just spent the last two hours looking online for donations. Donations for the livivng babies, (clothes, blankets, Beanie Babies) and for the babies that die, (Same exact things). I found nothing new. I can't find Beanies anymore. Everyone wants to send hats and I have boxes of those.
I was thinking about the patients I left last night. Little guys you'd think would go home today, but stuff was brewing when I left. Former 31 weeker, month old, had a huge brady when I was feeding him,Scared the crap outa me!I thought for sure he was going to code. He recoverd fine, but won't go home anytime soon. Thank God I didn't have to feed him again my shift!
Term baby had a funky belly button. I thought it was infected but the NP thought it was intestine poking out! BLAH! I hate that GI crap (ha!). Slapped some gauze on it and kept an eye out. Man, I hope it was nothing and that kid went home.